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based in Seattle, WA USA

Virgilia Pruthi is a product management leader, founder of The Alchemy Profit, and author. Her experience includes product management positions that have spanned across a multitude of industries and technologies (ranging from AI, vision, B2B, consumer, core platform, mobile, and voice).


Her unique journey includes deep leadership and IC experience at Amazon, BazaarVoice, Audible, WeightWatchers, and several startups. Currently, she works at Microsoft as a Principal Product Manager. To Virgilia, achieving a MAU in the billions is equally important as retaining the first 10 customers.


Her liberal arts major matched with her entrepreneurial endeavors has framed how she approaches building and scaling products. It's through her empathy-driven product approach, curiosity, and incredible mentors that have helped her grow into a seasoned product leader. 

Coaching for Virgilia is a way for her to help others elevate and grow in their product leadership, especially those who come from non-traditional backgrounds. She has taught at General Assembly, Product School, and spoken at multiple conferences including the Front Product/UX Summit. 


We're often met with decisions that define our breakthrough moments in life. Asking ourselves what needs to be true to get to our desired outcomes helps frame our paths forward to endless possibilities. Hi, I'm AJ Thomas, Founder and Coach at WKND WSDM. Building culture is my knack and creating the conditions for people and their talents to come to life in a meaningful way is what excites me. I am often described as a big picture thinker and fanatic executor, though I consider myself an entrepreneur at heart that's just naturally curious. I like thoughtful approaches to complex problems and creating high-impact solutions. I fall deeply in love with problems and am energized by the journey of discovering why they exist and how to solve them. The work I do centers around moving people and organizations forward by way of creating, building, and institutionalizing processes, and designing/experimenting with innovative approaches. I get most of my joy in discovering leadership from those around me and have continuously found that vast knowledge of intelligence exists untapped just waiting for the right question to be asked.

So, what needs to be true for you  to discover your possibilities?


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Your breakthrough awaits.

Discover your possibilities today.


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