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The Communications Coach

based in California, USA

Cindy’s guiding belief is to “speak life,” that is – to know oneself and communicate authentically, with encouragement and edification, to audiences both publicly and interpersonally. Since 2011, Cindy has been coaching clients ranging from MicrosoftHPSalesforceJabil8x8Cornell University and National Institute of Health (NIH) on Self-Representation, Articulating Vision/Strategy, Executive Presentations and more. She recently hosted the Women in Technology International Hall of Fame and hosts an ongoing sales podcast. As a former Toastmasters competitor and semi-professional salsa dance competitor, she represented the U.S. and won the World Cup in 2012. She takes her winning mindset, stage presence, and marries it with expression in communication. She dares her clients to be up for the same challenge while designing safe, lab-like sessions where we’re free to laugh at ourselves, win and sometimes make mistakes.

With a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from UCLA and a Master’s degree in Communication Studies from San Jose State University, she worked with a taskforce called the Public Dialogue Consortium where she facilitated high-conflict, large group dialogues using nonviolent communication with the San Jose Police and block leaders with the Cupertino City Council. Cindy has been a Professor in Public Speaking, Interpersonal, Intercultural Communication and English at San José State University and National Hispanic University, to name a few.  

Cindy now blends the art of teaching, nonviolent facilitation and coaching practices and serves it all up in the Sales Enablement space where she curates content and training for best-in-class sellers. She specializes in speakers’ virtual, live, onstage and/or on-camera delivery to optimize delivery. Lastly, partnering with Women in Technology International, Cindy co-founded BrainCandy Labs, programming to innovate education by connecting young people to leaders in STEAM. Her life’s work is about speaking with authenticity, boosting: emotional intelligence, poise, and impact.


We're often met with decisions that define our breakthrough moments in life. Asking ourselves what needs to be true to get to our desired outcomes helps frame our paths forward to endless possibilities. Hi, I'm AJ Thomas, Founder and Coach at WKND WSDM. Building culture is my knack and creating the conditions for people and their talents to come to life in a meaningful way is what excites me. I am often described as a big picture thinker and fanatic executor, though I consider myself an entrepreneur at heart that's just naturally curious. I like thoughtful approaches to complex problems and creating high-impact solutions. I fall deeply in love with problems and am energized by the journey of discovering why they exist and how to solve them. The work I do centers around moving people and organizations forward by way of creating, building, and institutionalizing processes, and designing/experimenting with innovative approaches. I get most of my joy in discovering leadership from those around me and have continuously found that vast knowledge of intelligence exists untapped just waiting for the right question to be asked.

So, what needs to be true for you  to discover your possibilities?


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Your breakthrough awaits.

Discover your possibilities today.


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