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Meet the Coaches

  explore  your capabilities.

          discover  your possibilities.

                  journey  together to unleash your next best self.


Diverse perspectives + DYNAMIC RESULTS

Our team of coaches come with heart, humor and curiosity along with decades of combined experience depending on the specialty coaching that's right for you. Harnessing their collective expertise from global enterprise organizations, start-ups, sales, product management, design, people & culture, and communications, you'll benefit from the many perspectives they offer through your coaching journey. Get to know each one of them below and send a nudge for an initial conversation.


AJ Thomas

Human-Centered Design


Gene Hewitt-Evenhuis

The Global Perspectiv


Cindy Dulay

Communications and Flow


Virgilia Pruthi

The Product Mindset


We're often met with decisions that define our breakthrough moments in life. Asking ourselves what needs to be true to get to our desired outcomes helps frame our paths forward to endless possibilities. Hi, I'm AJ Thomas, Founder and Executive Coach at WSDM Labs. Our collective create the conditions for people and their talents to come to life in a meaningful way. Personally, I consider myself an entrepreneur at heart that's naturally curious. I like thoughtful approaches to complex problems and creating high-impact solutions and fall deeply in love with problems. The central approach in establishing this practice is three-fold; simply, it's to discover possibilities in service to you, your team, and your mission.


At the Lab are energized by the journey of helping unpack complex problems and needs while discovering why they exist and how to solve them. The work we do centers around moving people and organizations forward by way of creating, building, and institutionalizing processes, and designing/experimenting with innovative approaches. We unlock mindsets and have continuously found that vast knowledge of intelligence exists untapped just waiting for the right question to be asked.

So, what needs to be true for you  to discover your possibilities?

Let's Do this!


Your breakthrough awaits.

Discover your possibilities today.


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